Lucky gets messages from dog lovers all over the country.  These kind folks have given permission for those messages and photos to be posted here.  Thanks, everyone!


Carol Sanderson, GA

One of our ESRA members told us that you had adopted this sweet boy, and I just wanted to personally thank you for taking this boy into your heart and home. His story was one of the worst I had ever heard, and it is such a relief to know that he is now loved and safe.

I hope you do write the book about his story and would be interested in hearing about your progress with this. Would love to hear how Lucky is doing, and if you have any pictures of him, I hope you will share them with us.

Hugs to Lucky!

Carol Sanderson – English Springer Rescue America – Atlanta
“Hear our prayer … For all animals that are overworked, underfed and cruelly treated; for any that are hunted, lost, deserted, frightened, or hungry; And for those who deal with them, we ask a heart of compassion, gentle hands, and kindly words.”
“A Prayer for Animals” ~ Albert Schweitzer

Marv Miller

I’m the VP-West of ESRA, out here in Los Angeles.  I’ve been following your
dog’s story since the beginning.

I have been told by our Utah coordinator, Lora Allen, that Willie Butler is
now “Lucky” (and HOW!!), and is safe in your arms.

Thank you for providing a Forever Home for him.  I am confident that you
will see your kindness repaid at least a thousand-fold!

May both of your lives be happier as a result.

-M-    ô¿ô

Marv Miller
“Striving to be the person
that my dogs think I am”

Pam Edl

I’m an ESRA member from Wisconsin.  I am so happy that Lucky found a good
home.  What a horrible ordeal he went through.  I was just outraged that
someone would do something so cruel to “man’s best friend”.

I am proud to be a part of such a great group.  After adopting my first
Springer “Rebel” from a shelter, I decided to get him a companion.  I found
Sami on the ESRA site and adopted her.  Then, I decided I would like to be a
part of helping more Springers, so I joined ESRA.  I am now fostering a
wonderful pair of neglected Springers – they are on the ESRA website under
Wisconsin.  I now have over 250 pounds of fantastic Springers romping around
my house.  Lots of work, but very rewarding.

Thank you for taking Lucky and giving him a second chance, I’m sure he’ll
repay you in love over and over.

Pam Edl
Rebel, Sami, Hannah & Harley

Helen Baldwin

Thank you for opening your home and most importantly your heart to one
“lucky ” boy. May you have wonderful times together. We have all been
following him and it’s great to know he has found someone who will love
forever. Please give him a big hug from a fan in South Carolina!

Helen Baldwin

Mike and Sam

Mike and Sam

Mike and Sam

Mike Mangoian and SAM

Thanks for the news of Lucky Willie Butler’s new web site. Attached is a picture of my Sam that was taken at the ESRA Booth at the San Diego County Fair last June. We were ESRA Ambassador’s  for 2 days of the Fair.

I enjoyed looking over the web site and am really interested in reading his complete story. When I first wrote to you, I had just read the horrific story about “Briteny” and how she was shot in the throat. Reflecting on what I initially wrote to you, I had both Lucky Willie Butler and Briteny on my mind and I am still appalled that there are so many malevolent miscreants that are still allowed to walk free and to procreate!

All the very best to Lucky and the Farrell’s,

Mike Mangoian and SAM

ESRA Volunteer

San Diego, CA

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