Here is a link to a news story still online.  Lucky was found in the Fall of 2006, so some of the online news stories have since been deleted from their sites.

Deseret news – Dog found in canyon still lacks its owner November 2, 2006

A dog is still without its owner after a hiker found it cold and alone in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The 10-year-old Springer spaniel was found Wednesday wrapped in a blanket under a log on the Butler Fork Trail. The hiker took the pet to a veterinarian, where the dog’s temperature was determined to be 94 degrees. The dog was also very hungry, said Salt Lake County Animal Services spokeswoman Temma Martin.

Anyone with information that could lead officials to the dog’s owner, or determine how the dog ended up in the canyon, is asked to call +18012697413. If no owner is found, a rescue group will adopt and care for the animal.


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  1. Sallie says:

    Hi there!

    We met a couple weeks ago at the Pebble Beach boardwalk. I was lucky enough to meet Lucky and hear his story. What an incredible dog he is! The story would make a wonderful movie and I hope it happens. Thanks for sharing that day, and I know Lucky has either crossed the Rainbow Bridge, or he is in his finally days. I’ve been thinking of you all.

    Sallie Namey