Lucky Willie Butler©


Bill Farrell



Hey Lucky, you are special
More than any of us will ever know
You love life, you fought for life, you live life

When you were stolen from your family, you never gave up
You were beaten, you were kicked, your bones were broken, you were starved and yet
You love life, you fought for life, you live life

When you were weak and starved to less than half your weight, you never gave up
When you were so weak you couldn’t stand up and your legs gone so stiff and atrophied you couldn’t even sit up, but still
You love life, you fought for life, you live life

And then, late in October, unable to move and almost dead you were carried by your abuser in a blue blanket up to over 7200 feet well off a rugged mountain trail and slid under fallen logs on 6 inches of ice and snow and left to die, yet still
You love life, you fought for life, you live life

And finally in desperation; freezing, starving, and in constant pain, you silently call out for help from your ArfAngel who watches over you to allow

You to love life, fight for life, and live life

On November first, Ryan found you and rescued you. He didn’t let you die because he saw that
You love life, you fought for life, you live life

And April, Vickie, Lora,  Nancy Suro and many more all took special care because they saw you were special and that
You love life, you fought for life, you live life

Now you have a new family who love and protect you and know that
You do love life, you have fought for life, you live life.

You told them your story, and show them everyday, in every way that you love them. You saved your new master’s life and have scared off the coyote when walking with your mistress. You happily travel many miles with them and they know that

You love life, you fought for life, and you live an amazing special life.

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  1. Beth Sindler says:

    Lucky’s eyes tell the whole story. Thank God that you found him in time. Yet I believe that someone else always knows that an animal is being abused but they don’t want to come forward and “make trouble”. My children were raised to never walk away. Do something-anything, but don’t walk away. They are still like that as adults and still love animals. They were raised with a Springer Spaniel we named Rufus who was wonderful with them. Rufus has been gone for 30 years now and we still choke up when we remember him. He showed up one day and we fostered him until his owners could be found but no one ever did-within a few days we were praying they never would. His collar and tags are sacred family keepsakes. A Springer is an amazing experience. In recent years pet abuse has become increasingly used by woman abusers as a way of controlling them and children. The abuser demonstrates the violence on the pet, usually dogs or cats too, to frighten the family. The woman and children keep the secret and live in fear as the violence escalates and have to watch the abuser finally kill the pet or the woman can’t run away and leave the pets with the abuser. The Domestic Violence Shelter here will take in the pets and fosters step in for as long as needed. I would like to see some of the rescue groups ally themselves with Dom. Violence Facilities and make it known to women that they do have a place to go and leaving isn’t a death sentence to a pet who helped her tolerate her life. I know this is pretty grim but Lucky’s story is too. Sentences instead of wrist slaps please. Did the person who did this to Lucky get charged with animal abuse? Is he a heavy drinker? Not unusual. I hope Lucky will live a long and pain free life with you. Beth Sindler

  2. Sharon Puchli says:

    Hi Lucky, Bill and Sally!

    My friend Ellen and I met you today at Corner House Coffee in Los Olivos, CA. I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed meeting you and learning of Lucky’s amazing story. It will stay with me forever. My best to all of you and may God bless!

    Sharon Puchli
    Sept. 12, 2011

  3. Peter Miller says:

    Peter Miller Roaring in

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